Ghezal Meriem

Taleb Soumya Chahinez


The role of women entrepreneurs is important in economic improvement of the country, because one idea can change many persons’ lives in a positive path, through the small and medium enterprises, where the government sought to developed strategies and policies to support the female entrepreneurs to establish their business activities.

The data were collected from the Algerian Agency for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship, and the questionnaire was designed from a random sample of women entrepreneurs, according to the number of women enterprises in Algeria, to study their contribution, and the different factors that impact on their decision to create their own projects, using spss and warp pls in the analysis.

As a result of this study, the value of (Cronbach's α=0.970) confirms that there is impact of women entrepreneurship on economic development through their enterprises and they are able to achieve this through the environment surrounding them.

Keywords: women entrepreneurs; small and medium enterprises; economic development

JEL Codes: L26; M13; O1


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