Denitsa Dimova



Wellness has become vital to our daily life. The sector is rapidly growing and evolving and turning into a megatrend. This megatrend is cutting across sectors ranging from personal care to well-tech and many more. Several factors are contributing to the growth of this sector in the last years such as digitalization that is altering its landscape progressively. The wellness sector is full of new trends and those trends and innovations keep the sector moving ahead as they help in maintaining the interest of the consumers as well as establish investments. The current pandemic has revealed the importance of wellness tourism and switched, even more, the focus toward it. During the last two years, we have noticed an accelerated need for health and wellness tech solutions, so it has speeded up the funding in the field. All this resulted in a newly formed subsector, named well-tech, aiming to help its users’ maintaining good health and better well-being levels, using innovative digital solutions. The wellness sector is flourishing and continues to be attractive to investors. This paper aims to examine in detail the current state of investments in the sector and to evaluate if it’s worth investing in it or not.


Keywords: investments; wellness; digital adoption

JEL Codes: Z32, O30, G24


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