Nikolay V. Logodashki


Continuous research of consumer product choice is the basis for improving the characteristics of the offered product. This in turn leads to the creation of consumer satisfaction with the product, and it helps to increase the competitiveness of the products offered. The main goal of the present study is to investigate the consumer behavior and attitudes of Bulgarian consumers for wine consumption, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on them. The main expected results are established attitudes towards wine consumption by Bulgarian consumers, which wine producers can use in making decisions related to competitiveness. The main research methods used in the study are content analysis, method of comparison, intuitive and systematic approach, method of analysis and synthesis, survey.



consumer behavior, consumer attitude, wine, wine producers


JEL Codes: L66



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To cite this article: LOGODASHKI, N. V., (2020). Survey of the attitudes of Bulgarian consumers to wine consumption. Entrepreneurship, 8 (2), 104-118, DOI: 10.37708/ep.swu.v8i2.10