Dimitar Kenarov


The goal of this article is to acquaint the reader with the possibilities of practical application of integral Socionics in enterprise environment. The author assumes that the reader is familiar with the fundamentals, terminology and concepts of Socionics as well as Jungian theory. Proposed methodology for management of psycho-informational exchange is based on the Socionic theory and real data obtained by the author’s research on the integral psycho-informational structure of a Bulgarian telecommunication company. Considering the diversity of informational metabolism in different company units, is illustrated a method of increasing the efficiency of the internal communi¬cation, reducing the level of conflicts in the organization and harmonizing of the working environment.



management; organization; socionics; informational metabolism; psycho-analysis; psychotype; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


JEL Codes: A12, A14, L20, L29, Z13



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