Elizabeta Stamevska
Vasko Stamevski
Aleksandra Stankovska


Entrepreneurship is the active process of recognizing an economic demand in an economy, and supplying the factors of production (land, labor and capital) to satisfy that demand, usually to generate a profit. High levels of poverty combined with slow economic growth in the formal sector have forced a large part of the developing world’s population into self-employment and informal activities. But this is not necessarily negative; microenterprises contribute significantly to economic growth, social stability and equity.
Entrepreneurship development is the process of improving the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs. The whole point of entrepreneurship development is to increase the number of entrepreneurs. By doing this, the pace at which new businesses or ventures are made gets better. On a wider level, this makes room for employment and improves the economy of a business or country.


entrepreneurship; entrepreneurs; entrepreneurship development; process of entrepreneurship development; entrepreneurship development programs

JEL Codes: L26


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