Vesela Serafimova



In the theory, there are different paradigms that determine the nature of the corporate image, as well as the processes of its building, enforcement and management. Corporate image is one of the important factors for improving the competitiveness of enterprises. The structure of the corporate image is generally made up of the internal and the external image of the organization. The aim of the article is to study and analyze the corporate image of Bulgarian wine producers (in the top 20 according to the ranking of DiVino.bg) as a factor in increasing competitiveness.


Keywords: corporate image; competitive advantage; wine producers

JEL Codes: M14, M21, L52


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To cite this article: SERAFIMOVA V. (2021). The corporate image of wine producers in Bulgaria as a competitive advantage. Entrepreneurship, 9 (2), 88-99 DOI: 10.37708/ep.swu.v9i2.7