Gergana Yocheva


The increase of innovations and innovative solutions is of a significant importance for Bulgarian industrial enterprises. It is a prerequisite for the improvement and development of enterprises, as well as for their competitiveness on the market. The lack of a policy in the research and development area is a huge obstacle to their development, and puts a number of barriers before the organizational structure of the enterprises and their executive management. The major objective of this article is to analyze the issue of the development of innovations in the area of industry as the introduction of new methods and means in the production process shall bring to an improved quality of the manufactured products, smaller costs for the enterprises and increase in productivity. Various factors influencing the development of the innovation process are studied in details.



innovation; innovation technologies; industry; enterprise; development


JEL Codes: O39



Analysis of the Macroeconomic Environment, the Labor Market and the State of Enterprises in Bulgaria with a view to Human Resources Development, The analysis was prepared under Project No. BG 051PO001 - 6.1.09 - 0001 “Establishment of a system for forecasting labor needs with certain characteristics” on OP “HRD”

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