For centuries the success of a country was measured through wars and victories, conquered territory, seized wealth. Since the middle of the last century more precise measurement systems was introduced that began to count other factors: economic development and welfare of its citizens, by means of measuring gross domestic and national product (GDP and GNP). After several decades of using this indicator for measuring the development of the country, leaders and politicians slowly began to realize that many factors are not calculated with this value: unpaid work in the household, welfare of the individual, whether a river is polluted, whether a natural resource is totally exploited, whether employees experience stress, what is the cause of deterioration of the health of the employee, and that incur cost for health fund and for the state and has a lasting economic consequences for the development of society. Many research studies have been done to reveal how to make the employee happy at work, full of enthusiasm; thereby increasing productivity in the company, increasing job satisfaction, and therefore the quality of life of employees can be improved without special equipment.


Key words

enthusiasm, happiness, productivity



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